Dubai 100 - Καινοτόμες ιδέες στον τομέα της ψηφιακής ιατρικής βραβεύονται!

What is Dubai100?                                             
The MENA regions first pre-accelerator targeting fresh and recent graduates with impactful and  innovative ideas in the digital health and med-tech fields.
Start date: January 10th, 2016.
The program offers :

  1. 6 months (in Dubai) of intensive capacity building and deep diving into understanding the three verticals of healthcare, technology and entrepreneurship
  2. Ongoing mentorship by global and regional industry leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, practitioners, and experts
  3. Help with access to local and global market opportunities
  4. World class skill building and design workshops
  5. Connections to global healthcare hubs in London, US and China
  6. Travel, accommodation, visas and office spaces
  7. Immersion in the entrepreneurship and cultural context of Dubai
  8. A chance to approach the top global healthcare accelerators, investors and industry leaders in our network once the teams' skill set and knowledge base has been created and improved.

What do we need from the teams? 

  1. Total commitment to the program throughout the 6 months in Dubai. No other part-time or full-time engagement is accepted during the time of the program.
  2. The best performance out of every individual and team. We want to build the next series of impactful success stories within the healthcare ecosystem.
  3. An understanding that no costs are associated to attending the program and no equity ownership is requested in the resulting companies.

Who are we looking for? 

  1. 5 Teams consisting of 2-3 people. Individual applicants might be accepted on a case by case basis
  2. Age: 20-25 years old
  3. Candidates working on impactful and innovative concepts in the med-tech/digital health fields
  4. Candidates can be currently based anywhere in the world. There’s no limitation on location or nationality provided candidates commit to spend the 6 months in Dubai.

If interested pleace contact Ms Aliki Anagnosti:

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